Cognitive Neuroscience

The Learn Like a Genius™ course comprises eleven 5 - 9 minute lessons all linked to a single Ako Map™.

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Topics covered include:

  • Memory Learning the way your brain wants to learn

  • Understanding How to understand complex topics

  • Traits Get the mental skills of top scholars

  • Tactics Learn the way winning students study

  • Troubleshooting How to overcome stubborn problems in any subject

  • Procrastination How to get studying when you really don’t feel like it

  • Ako Maps - How to build your own Ako Map

  • Attitude Adjustment Manoeuvre – Alter how you approach your study

  • SQ3R Learn how to understand and retain more when reading

  • Unshakeable BeliefHow to get a winning mindset

  • The Pomodoro Technique- How to get started and manage your time